Mobile Bongos Beer Bar Makes For A Swanky Backyard Beer Party

A tiki bar not doing it for your classy, modernist backyard?  How about this Mobile Bongos Beer Bar, an all-steel transportable set for carting around the house?

Made by Alpina, the setup comes with four sturdy wheels for easy portability from the kitchen to the living room to the backyard and back.  Wherever the party is, you can take the favors with you, giving you the flexibility to hold court in the area of your choosing (just avoid any place requiring a trip over flights of stairs, as this thing ain’t light).

Measuring 1740 x 1500 x 775 mm and weighing 120 kilos, the Mobile Bongos Beer Bar probably isn’t the most mobile mini-bar in town.  If you can push, though, it can follow, bringing a whole host of party conveniences along with its shiny metal frame.  Even better, the refrigeration system can keep your keg at an ideal temperature for hours even without a running electric current, making it plenty usable for backyard shindigs.

A fancy-looking draft dispenser sits in the center (with drip tray, compressor and the whole shebang), plus a serving table on one end and a changeable top on the other (you can choose between another table, a spare keg compartment or a 31,000 BTU cooktop).  Yep, it makes both beer and food for double the awesome.  You can keep up to 8 kg. of ice in the left bottom cabinet, with the central unit reserved for the keg.

The catch?  Stylish function doesn’t come cheap, of course.  The Alpina Mobile  Bongos Beer Bar retails for a hefty $11,000.