Mobile Patio Garden Is A Garden Bed With Wheels

You might hate gardens with a passion but guess what? Chicks dig gardens.  Sometimes, when you have ladies coming over, you secretly wish you can show off a garden growing.  If you have a neighbor who likes plants, maybe you can come to a deal with this Mobile Patio Garden.

Here’s what you do.  Tell the neighbor you’ll buy the rolling cart.  And even pay for the soil and seeds and whatever else they use in gardens (like ground zombie skin fertilizers and stuff).  Then, they waste their time tending to it and keep it in their house.  But when you have girls coming, you roll it out of their house and into yours temporarily.  We’re not sure how you’re going to sweeten the pot, but make it work, dammit.

The Mobile Patio Garden is a rolling plant bed that measures 39.5 x 23.5 x 14 inches and weighs 21 lbs.  It can support contents up to 165 lbs., so you can bury a zombie dog under the soil and get away with it (just don’t plant vegetables or anything you may want to eat in there).  Construction is double-walled polyethylene, which should offer enough durability to resist scratches, dents and fading so your mobile garden looks presentable when you show ladies the results of your gardening efforts.

It comes with four smooth-rolling casters that let you easily push it from your backyard back to the neighbors, as well as brakes to keep it fixed in one spot.  Two threaded drain plugs sit in the bottom of the bed, too, which you can keep closed during use indoors.

When you tire of using it for a garden bed, we’re thinking it could work for a mobile bathtub, too.  Well, for dogs before they become zombies, anyway.  The Mobile Patio Garden is available now at Hammacher, priced at $249.95.