Mobilegs Is An Adjustable, Skinnable, Upgradeable Crutch

Motorized mobility devices have been hogging the spotlight lately.  That’s why the Mobilegs,  a “sensitively designed” upgrade to the traditional crutch, is quite refreshing to see.

Its creators claim the evolved crutches have been “human-engineered for comfort and usability.”  From what we can see, it’s probably true.  Plus, it looks better than most any crutch I’ve seen, with options for custom skins that let you personalize it with a variety of colorful patterns, textures and styles.

The basic model is called Mobilegs Universal, which comes with adjustable height and arm lengths that allow it to fit anyone between 4’9” and 6’4” – easily the majority of adults who don’t play for an NBA team. Fitting snugly under your arm is an articulated soft saddle, which pivots and rotates with your body’s movement, unlike most traditional fixed-saddle crutches.  It also comes with offset legs (for hip clearance), soft plastic saddle grips and over-molded rubber feet.  It can carry up to 300 lbs of weight.

Aside from the skins, they offer several upgrades.  You can opt for an ultra-plush saddle, ergonomic handle grips (which facilitates a more natural wrist angle and evenly distributed load across the palm), shock-dampened long-lasting feet and the MobiE-signing, which nets you a custom skin with personal messages from your friends (they sign in via a Facebook app).

The basic Mobilegs model is available for $59.99, with upgrades available individually.  They’re also selling an Ultra kit, which includes the Ultra Plush Saddle, Ergonomic Handgrips and Ultra Rocker Feet upgrades for an additional $49.99.

[Mobilegs via Uncrate]