Mobileye C2-270 Detects Collision Course With Cars, Bicycles And Pedestrians

Accidents will happen.  Especially on the road.  Technology, however, can help lessen the chances of getting into one.  Designed to join your suite of in-dash safety features, the Mobileye C2-270 is a collision warning system that alerts you when your vehicle is teetering in harm’s way.

According to the Dutch company, the system can warn you when you’re keeping too tight a distance from the vehicle in front, as well as when your vehicle is drifting out of your lane.  While other systems can do those same things, the new device takes it up a notch by giving a heads up when you’re on a dangerous course towards pedestrians, cyclists and bikers, as well.

The Mobileye C2-270 uses two primary components tethered to each other: a windshield-mounted 640 x 480 CMOS camera and a dash-mounted display unit.  Using  its EyeQ2 algorithmic system-on-a-chip (the same one both BMW and Volvo use on their cars), the camera detects imminent forward collisions.  This information is then fed to the display unit, which fires off an alarm buzzer and shows the pertinent data (it uses a color-coded icon system) flashing on the screen.

When the collision sensor is triggered, the driver has 2.7 seconds in which to respond, lest the car spontaneously combusts.  We’re kidding about the last part.  In truth, the device just leaves you alone, since it’s not integrated into any of the car’s running parts.  At the least, it’s reassuring to know you’ll be warned right before you smash into that truck that will chop your head off.

Mobileye says the C2-270 is set for release soon, although there are no pricing details yet.  Optional add-ons include event data recording, GPS integration and a fleet management system.

[Mobileye via Gizmag]