MOBOT Water Bottle Wants To Loosen Your Muscles And Relieve Joint Pain In The Gym


When you go to the gym, you almost always carry a water bottle. You also sometimes carry a foam roller when you feel like you’re going to need to alleviate soreness from your muscles after exercise. MOBOT combines both of those things in one, so you can do self-myofascial release using the exact same gear use to hydrate during a hard workout.

We’re not entirely sure how well it works compared to a regular foam roller when it comes to loosening muscles, breaking down knots, and relieving joint pain. I mean, there’s a bottle (possibly containing fluids) underneath the foam, so it’s definitely going to be different. Still, if you’re looking ways to lighten up your load in your Gym/Work Bag, we guess it’s, at least, worth the try.


The MOBOT, short for “mobility bottle,” comes in two sizes: 0.8 liters and 1.2 liters. Both consist of an erstwhile normal-looking bottle made from 18/8 stainless steel with its body wrapped in a layer of athletic-grade, firm-density EVA foam. The combination of firm-density foam and stainless steel underneath it means this will probably be a lot stiffer than your usual foam roller, so those who like their massages “extra hard” should find plenty to love here.


Features include a bottle mouth wide enough to accommodate ice cubes, an integrated sip straw for easier drinking, and an easy-carry loop. The foam, by the way, is heat-pressed directly to the bottle, so it won’t just slip off at an inopportune time.

Available now, the MOBOT is priced starting at $48.

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