Mocc Socks Let You Go “Sockless” Without The Stinky Feet

Summer and low-slung shoes go in hand in hand, just as dorkiness and socks hanging out of those same summer footwear always come together. Rock out without your sock out with Mocc Socks, foot covers that bring all the benefits of regular socks while managing to stay out of sight.

Whether you like to hit the town in loafers, boat shoes or slip-ons, going sockless is always a dilemma. While wearing visible socks is kind of tacky, going without it leaves your feet and shoes with an offending stink that’s not going away anytime soon. Pull that beloved Tod’s off and you permeate the entire room with an olfactory sensation reminiscent of dead rats in the basement. Really.

Mocc Socks provide a more palatable solution for the summer conundrum, letting you spot the sockless look while securing your feet with adequate cover. That way, you can resist looking like a dork, all while keeping your feet and shoes smelling fresh. Well, almost fresh. It’s summer – we sweat.

Let’s face it: regular low-cut socks don’t seal the deal. In fact, they look even more tasteless when peeking over your comfy casual footwear. If you want to keep your dignity, you want your socks out of the way, well below the ankles.

There’s a time and place for full-length socks. Stewing in casual clothes under the summer sun isn’t one of them. Mocc Socks are available individually for $8 a pair, three-packs for $20 and five-packs for $30. They only come in white, which should be fine, since no one’s supposed to see them anyway.

[Mocc Socks via Uncrate]