Mod Laptop Is The Stylish, Compact Carrying Case We’ve Wanted All This Time


In the market for a laptop bag that’s as sleek and compact as your favorite MacBook or ultraportable? Look no further than Mod Laptop, a versatile carrying case that won’t cramp your style the way backpacks and traditional laptop bags would.

Made by This Is Ground, it looks like one of those small laptop cases, which were designed to hold nothing but your computer. Except it isn’t. Inside, it comes with a system of pockets, clips, and slots that allow you to store a whole lot of other gear in an organized manner.


Unzip the Mod Laptop and you’ll get treated to a gaggle of storage options. There is, of course, a sleeve for sliding in your computer, but also a slot for holding a notebook or notepad, two pouches with snap-on closures (a large one for a tablet and a smaller one for a phone), multiple loops of different sizes (for pens, chargers, pens that double as chargers, sunglasses, and similar items – there’s even one for your key ring), a pair of credit card holders, and a zippered pocket for loose items you’d like to bundle in one place. Seriously, this can free up your pockets for a whole load of other things.

Construction is toffee primo leather, which This Is Ground claims will age and mold nicely with whatever items you use the bag for. It comes with two zippers and a leather handle on the opposite side, along with a choice of three colors (tan, black, and brown).


Do note, the sizing options are designed for MacBooks (specifically, the 11- and 13-inch MacBook Air and the 15-inch MacBook Pro, although the current crop of ultraportables will probably squiggle in nicely, especially if they wear similar dimensions to the available options. The Mod Laptop is priced at $575.

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