See-Thru Wall Panels Allow The Mod Locker To Show Off Your Clutter


Like most people, you probably keep stuff you use often in a shelf, so you can keep the house neat and organized, while still having easy access to things you use most days. But if your house already has too much shelves that it’s beginning to look like an outlet store, maybe you can switch things up with this Mod Locker instead.

A transparent storage chest, simply dump your stuff on it like any regular box, whether it’s extra throw pillows for the living room, action figures you’re too old to still be playing with but YOLO, and ugly Christmas presents you intend to recycle as gifts for people you only mildly like next year. Unlike regular boxes, you can see what’s inside the entire time, so you simply have to look its way to find out it’s where you actually dumped the sweet custom motorcycle coffee table book Aunt Margie sent for your birthday.


Designed by the husband-and-wife team of Robert and Cortney Novogratz, the Mod Locker measures 18 x 18 x 16 inches (w x d x h), making it tall enough to serve as a side table or a coffee table, instead of hiding away in a closet. Each one is handcrafted using clear acrylic panels and alloy trims (aluminum and zinc), with vintage-style hardware to give it just a hint of classic feel. Seriously, this is such a cool way to show off stuff you want to display, but don’t really have any shelf space for.


Ready to showcase your clutter? The Mod Locker is available now, priced at $479.

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