Modern Lounge Chair Features An Explosion Of Cute And Cuddly Pandas


Got a panda obsession?  Feed it with this limited edition modern lounge chair, featuring dozens upon dozens of stuffed toy pandas all over its body.

Whenever I see a panda at the zoo, I just want to sit on it.  What else would you do with a big furry creature and its large round belly whenever it lies down on its back?  Of course, I’d likely get attacked if I ever tried that, so I always hold off on that predilection.

This limited edition modern lounge chair, while not the same as sitting on a cute fat panda, should feel just as different an experience.  Featuring an an explosion of doll pandas all over its body, the Campana Brothers creation is easily one of the most charming seating pieces I’ve seen.

While we’ve all probably caught sight of chairs and sofas decorated with innumerable dolls of various shapes and sizes, they’re usually included as decorations.  Instead of an ornate addition, however, the stuffed pandas make up the actual seats on this lounge number.  I’m not entirely sure how comfortable they will be (look at the panda snouts sticking out everywhere), although it looks like the actual resting areas for your back and butt are pretty flat.

The modern lounge chair, made up of nothing but pandas and a metal base, is available as a limited edition of only 25 pieces.

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