ModKnobs Bring Stylish Flair To Door Handles

Buying a nice doorknob usually means getting one with elaborate ornamentation around the shiny metal surface.   Yep, doorknobs are the last stuffy frontier.  Okay, maybe not, but they sure make them nice ones look extra stuffy.  These ModKnobs bring a little modern style to the familiar door handle.

The collection consists of puck-shaped knobs in a variety of colors and makes.  The original models, in fact, are crafted directly from real hockey pucks made from durable vulcanized rubber, with the rims covered in a textured material to facilitate a comfortable grip.

The two basic ModKnobs models consist of the Puck (which works like a regular knob) and the Pivot (the hardware is pivoted near the edge of the round knob).  Both use hockey pucks measuring 3 inches in diameter and an inch deep as the knob, paired with Baldwin  hardware sets made from solid forged brass with a satin nickel finish.  They can fit doors with depths between 1.375 x 1.75 inches, as well as backset of 2.375 inches.

Other models follow the size and design of the two basic styles, with the main difference being the materials used.  The current inventory includes knobs made from paperstone, oak and walnut.  All the knobs can be used as passive knobs only, though — you’ll have to install a separate deadbolt (or a fake deadbolt, if you have nothing to steal) if you want a locking mechanism on the door.

Pricing for the ModKnobs start at $95 and $105 for the Puck and Pivot, respectively, with a slight markup for models that use other materials and finishes.