Modo Desktop Organizer Is Guaranteed To Tidy Up Your Life

I’ve long accepted the reality that there is no perfect desktop organizer on planet Earth.  Somehow, someway, there will be something you need on your desk that just won’t fit into whatever container you have on there.  So color me surprised when I saw Modo, possibly the most versatile desktop organizer we have ever come across.

A modular desktop organizer, you can, literally, fashion it into whatever the heck you need.  Need a spot to hold your paper clips, pens and also your 10-inch tablet?  Not a problem.  Need something that can tidy up your cable mess but also hold your Twilight book collection?  Haha, you read about vampires that shine under light, but yes, it will work.  Basically, anything short of parking a motorcycle on your desk, it can probably be tweaked to handle.

Modo starts out as a simple slab of bamboo (18 x 10 cm) with a rectangular area for tiny knick-knacks, four slats designed to hold cables, three cutouts for inserting USB sticks, and tons of holes.  Yes, you can use the holes to slot your thumb tacks, although they’re meant to serve a different purpose: the contraption comes with a series of differently-sized aluminum pegs that you can then insert into the holes to customize the compartments of your desk organizer.

Put a couple of pegs on either end and you’ve got yourself a functional bookshelf.  Line up a few and use it to stand your iPad in an upright position.  Need a place to wind your earphone cables?  Yep, one or two pegs should do the trick.  Basically, it gives you endless options in customization, allowing you to literally organize everything in your table with just a couple of these things in tow.

Want one?  You will need to wait a bit.  Modo is currently collecting funding on Kickstarter.  Pledges to reserve one start at $26, with shipments scheduled to be fulfilled in May. We can’t wait to get our hands on one.

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