Modpool Turns Old Shipping Containers Into Stylish And Ready-To-Install Pools


It’s not the first pool we’ve seen to be made out of repurposed shipping containers. The Modpool, however, is nice enough to really complement even the most stylish homes, ensuring your backyard won’t end up looking like a miniature shipping dock.

A simpler, pre-fab alternative to traditional pools, the outfit’s products can be functional within minutes of being delivered and installed. No more waiting weeks to pour and cure the pool – just place it in-ground or above ground, hook it up to your home’s plumbing, and you’re set.


Since shipping containers aren’t exactly easy on the eyes, the Modpool comes painted in low-profile finishes, with options for adding side windows to really change up the aesthetic. It comes with integrated jet pumps for enjoying the water whirlpool-style, as well as an integrated heater so you can enjoy warm water even during the coldest days. There’s also a built-in multi-color LED lighting with a 180-degree beam for whole pool coverage. All three systems (pumps, heater, and lights) can be controlled from the accompanying app, so just keep your phone within reach to quickly make adjustments on the fly.


Want to set it up more like a hot tub than a pool? Not a problem, as it comes with a detachable divider that you can use to split the pool into two distinct sections. And since everything is built right into the container, the entire pool can be moved in case you decide to turn the in-ground hole into a post-apocalypse bunker.

Available in two sizes (8 x 20 feet and 8 x 40 feet), the Modpool is priced starting at $26,900.

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