Modul’Air Pool Floats Double As Functional Deck Furniture


Yes, you can buy regular deck furniture to complete the backyard pool you just had finished last month in preparation for summer. But why do that when you can buy deck furniture that cleverly transforms into pool floats that you can use to lounge around the water? That’s exactly what you get with Modul’Air.

Made by Italian furniture outfit Pigro Felice, it’s a modular system that uses multiple inflatable components to create couches, armchairs, and tables that you can take straight off from the deck and right into the water. Even better, each piece can be put together into something new, so you can turn the armchair into a pool lounger for maximum relaxation during the hot summer months.


The Modul’Air’s base module is a simple square-shaped inflatable (46 inches on all sides) that uses integrated magnets to allow multiple modules to easily snap together when lined up in the water, allowing you to create a floating platform in any shape you want. You can then use the included straps to add backrests to the mix (they offer two sizes) and the built-in magnets to secure a pillow or a cup module. Other modules include a drink tray and a hammock float (it has a mesh floor).


For use as deck furniture, you build an armchair by stacking two base modules together, adding a backrest on top, and securing everything with straps. A couch is the same way, except you use four base modules and the large backrest, while you can just stack two base modules and secure it with a strap to build a functional coffee table.


Pricing for the Modul’Air varies depending on the kind of modules you want, but everything should start at $139 (the price of a single base module).

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