Modular And Bendable Parts Allow These Baendit Sunglasses To Easily Change In Form And Appearance


We’re big fans of modular sunglasses, since they give you a way to change up your look without having to buy an entirely new pair of specs. And while we love the Baendit’s modular function, we’re even bigger fans of its ability to twist and bend into any shape.

That’s right, these sunglasses aren’t just modular, they’re absolutely bendable, allowing you to twist them into the exact shape you want. Whether you’re bending them to fit into your pocket, to fit better on your face, or just to amuse yourself on a slow day at work, the sunglasses are malleable enough to give you plenty of shape-altering options.


Baendit’s sunglasses use separate modules for the frames, the bridge, and the temples, so you can, literally, Frankenstein the most mismatched pair of sunglasses if that’s what you’re into. While the frame isn’t bendable (because that will break the lens), both the temples and the nose are made from a bendable alloy core that’s covered in a silicone-rubber elastomer, enabling them to deform, hold, and be restored to the original position once pressure is applied. The frames, on the other hand, are made from TR-90, a memory polymer that’s lightweight, flexible, and impact-resistant, with the lens made from custom S20 Revo lenses.


Two styles of frames are currently available: Ned Kelly and Salvatorre Giuliano, both of them fashioned in a variety of colorways. Only one design is available for the nose and temples, although they come in a similar selection of colors. All the modules lock into place using hand-cut and hand-welded safety pins.

Originally crowdfunded through Indiegogo, Baendit is now available as full sunglasses ($119) or as individual modules.

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