Module Decibel Is A Speaker You Can Keep Upgrading Till The End Of Time


We’re big fans of the ever-expanding innovation in our modern gadgets. We’re not fans, however, of the seemingly disposable nature of products today, most of which are on the short road to obsolescence the moment they hit your local shelves. And while speakers are among the few things today you can actually hold onto for a far longer period (you can even plug in Bluetooth adapters to old speakers), those who prefer to enjoy the convenience of modern tech might be interested in the Module Decibel, a speaker designed for modular upgrades over time.

Billed as a speaker that’s “designed to last,” every single component of each unit is completely upgradable by the user. And, no, it doesn’t require even the most basic of engineering know-how, as it uses easily-swappable modules that require nothing more driving with a few screws to cobble together.


The Module Decibel is made of several easily-swappable, self-contained components, namely a control module, a drive module, a battery module, and various housing parts. That’s it. This setup makes it easy to replace parts for upgrades. For instance, when a new wireless connectivity standard replaces Bluetooth, you can just buy a new version of the control module, swap it in place of the old one, and you’re set up with the most current tech. Same when you want to upgrade to better drivers – just pick up whatever new driver module you fancy, swap them in, and you’re good to go.


Standard driver module gets you two 2-inch bass drivers, two 0.7-inch tweeters, and a rear-mounted passive radiator, while the standard control module comes with Bluetooth, onboard mic, a 3.5mm input, and wireless pairing with other Decibel speakers. The replaceable battery, on the other hand, is rated 24 hours of playback.

Learn more about the Decibel from the Module website.

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