MOFO Pole Lets You Mount The TV At Any Height Anywhere In The Room


Why is there a stripper pole in the living room? That’s the question you’re likely to get over and over with the MOFO Pole set up in the space. We know, that sounds like it’s going to be annoying, but for the convenience of being able to mount your TV at any height without any permanent drilling sure sounds worth the hassle.

That’s right, it’s a pole that goes from floor to ceiling, allowing it to mount your TV at any height. No drilling is ever required and no tools are needed to install anything, so you can move it closer, further, to the left, and to the right at any time without damaging anything in the room.


The MOFO Pole is a telescoping length of metal that mounts to the floor and ceiling using a spring locking system, which you can engage by flipping the integrated handle. When locked, the spring activates to create tension on the surfaces the ends of the pole are touching to keep it in place the entire time, so you don’t have to worry about bumping into it and watching the whole thing fall over.  The pole can fit inside any room with a ceiling height of 12.4 inches and below, so it should install quite easily in the living rooms, bedrooms, and game rooms of most homes. It has a diameter of just three inches, too, ensuring it will take up very little footprint.

According to the outfit, it can mount any TV between 32 and 65 inches using the integrated VESA mount, with a swiveling capability that allows you to position it to face any angle. That means, you can mount the pole without regards to where it’s facing, since you can easily swivel the mount to angle the TV wherever it gets you the best viewing position. There’s also integrated cable management, so the wires can line up neatly across the surface of the pole.


The MOFO Pole is made entirely from aluminum, so it’s durable enough to hold up to its unrelenting function, lightweight enough to easily move to a different room, and decent-looking enough to go well with most home interiors. Yes, even if it does make you look like you have a stripper role in the room. Just make a funny explanation that you can give to people whenever you’re asked and all should be good, giving new guests an instant conversation piece that should make it easier to break the ice.


Need a place to set down the different accessories you use with the TV, like a soundbar, a streaming box, or a game console nearby? Not a problem, as they also sell shelves that mount on the pole using a clamp – just put the clamp on and secure the shelf on it to get yourself instant storage space. And yes, you can put as many shelves as will fit along the pole’s length, although the maximum total weight the pole can carry is limited to 55 pounds.

The MOFO Pole is available now.

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