Mojo UFO Cuben Fiber Tent: Ultra-Light Shelter With Carbon Fiber Strength

The Mojo UFO Cuben Fiber Tent is far from the prettiest portable shelter I’ve ever seen.  In fact, it looks a little too much on the side of industrial, looking like the kind of temporary lodging guys will put up in digging and construction sites than the pop-up shelter of a worldly outdoorsman such as yourself.

Don’t let the boring looks fool you, though.  Unlike most any tent in the market, it’s skinned using cuben fiber (floor and fly, with body in 20D nylon), an “insanely lightweight and virtually indestructible” fabric that’s used in boat sails and airship hulls.  Performance is reportedly very similar to carbon fiber, making for an extremely durable shelter that’s also convenient to carry.

Made by Sierra Designs, the Mojo UFO Cuben Fiber Tent is probably as futuristic as tents can get, with “space-age materials” and a genuinely technical design.  It uses an exofusion design, characterized by an external frame combined with hybrid wall panels, allowing for faster set-up (since there’s no separate flysheet to fuss with) and improved ventilation.  Because of the unique material and design, it isn’t just strong, but also extremely light, with a packed weight of just over a pound (yes, for an entire tent).

Interior area measures 26.5 square feet, with enough space to house two people comfortably. Features include reflective door trims, hanging pockets, a built-in vent, and a D-door.  The entire thing folds up into an easy-to-carry envelope.

Designed for three-season use, the Sierra Designs Mojo UFO Cuben Fiber Tent is available now, priced at $1,799.95.

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