Moky Keyboard Uses Lasers To Double As An Invisible Touchpad


Like other portable keyboards, you can use Moky to enjoy tactile typing on your mobile devices on the go, saving you from the hassles of a virtual keyboard when working on a phone or tablet. Unlike them, it’s designed to double as a giant touchpad, so you can navigate the UI without having to reach out to touch the screen every single time.

No, there’s no actual visible touchpad on the device. Instead, the entire keyboard is designed to serve as one giant touchpad at the press of a single button, allowing you to tap, swipe, and drag directly on the same surface you type on.


Moky uses a series of infrared laser sensors embedded onto the keyboard’s corners that, when activated, can recognize gestures that you perform right on top of the keys and translate them into mouse-like navigation. A button at the bottom activates the touchpad function, where it sits right along with left- and right-click buttons, allowing it to be used like a regular touchpad when paired with a Windows or OS X machine.

The keyboard itself uses pantograph keys, so it’s going to feel like the kind of keyboards you use with a desktop machine.   Features include Bluetooth 4.0, three months of battery life on a full charge (based on usage of four hours a day), and a built-in keyboard cover that also doubles as a tablet stand. It measures 270 x 143 x 8 mm (w x d x h).


An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for Moky. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $59.

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