Molecular Cocktails Starter Kit: Mixed Drinks For Mad Scientists

Mad scientists need to get drunk, too.  And when they do, regular mixed recipes just won’t do.  Learn to concoct cocktails like a mad scientist is supposed to with this: the Molecular Cocktails Starter Kit.

Based on the same principles, equipment and techniques used in molecular gastronomy, this science-based approach to mixology is meant to help you turn out drinks that showcase greater intensity and variety in flavors, appearances and textures.  Yes, they get you rolling on the floor drunk, too, so all that hard work won’t be for naught.

The Molecular Cocktails Starter Kit bundles the bare basics you need to get on the road to mixing drinks like a science geek.  While you don’t get more advanced tools like blow-torches or  vacuum setups, you do receive a whole load of ingredients that you can use to make over 50 new drink mixes (recipe booklet included) that taste nothing like what you normally pick up from the dollar drinks happy hour at the neighborhood watering hole.

For tools, the set comes with just the minimum: you get measuring spoons, a measuring cup and pippettes for spherification.  The awesome part, though, are the chemicals included, which include agar agar, sodium alginate, calcium lactate, xanthan, Illuzoon coloring agent and locust bean gum.

Skills required vary from trivial to advanced, although we’re guessing enthusiasm counts for a lot.  And enough self-control not to imbibe all those spirits directly from the bottle while playing around (I’ve seen you sipping all day on that Ron de Jeremy Rum, bro).  The Molecular Cocktails Starter Kit is available from Thinkgeek, priced at $79.99.