Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit Brings Scientific Cooking Into Your Kitchen

Who says you have to be smart or rich to join the growing ranks of molecular gastronomy chefs?  Even average folks like us can take part in fancy, scientific cookery with the Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit.

Designed to quickly get you started on the fine art of molecular gastronomy, the set throws in everything you need to turn your dirty kitchen into an equally dirty laboratory.  That way, you can get in to the whole foaming, emulsifying and thickening business that stalwarts of the craft have been doing in their own high-end kitchens.

The Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit comes with a whole mass of tools, including a syringe, five pipettes, one slotted spoon, a full set of measuring spoons and three 18-inch silicone tubings.   You also get 50 sachets with 20 grams each of fancy additives like agar-agar, calcium lactate, sodium alginate, soy lecithin and xanthan gum, along with a 50-recipe DVD showing you how to use them to whip up your own kitchen Frankensteins.

We're not sure what kind of monstrosities you'll end up producing with this kit.  It's probably a safe bet that you'll have fun, though, since it's essentially like playing with a chemistry kit in the kitchen.  Even better, you can actually eat the results of your experiments (well...hopefully).

Sure, the Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit won't turn you into a Ferran Adrià, a Heston Blumenthal or even some random sous vide chef.   It could introduce you to a whole new way of cooking, though -- one that actually puts the principles of scientific thinking to good use.  It's available now for $69.99.

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