A Clamshell Design Makes The Mollusc Nano The Coolest Tent We’ve Seen


Weighing a whopping 50 pounds, it’s hard to accept that the Mollusc Nano is genuinely portable tent. I mean, sure, you can carry it, but it’s not the kind of tent you’ll be packing when you’re walking a long trail before settling at a camping spot, miles and miles away. It is unarguably, however, one of the most unique tents you’re ever going to find.

Why? Because the darn thing looks like a giant clamshell. Even better, it opens and closes like a giant clamshell. So, yes, you’re going to have a hell of a time bringing it to your destination, but it’s easily the coolest tent you can probably ever camp in.


As you can imagine, the Mollusc Nano’s unique clamshell opening requires a considerably more elaborate frame than traditional tents, which is the primary culprit for its uncomfortably hefty weight. Once set up, the tent can be positioned in one of three configurations: closed, half-opened, or fully opened, the last of which makes it look like a large picnic blanket with an integrated shade towards one end. Opening and closing takes just seconds, too, so you can make it look like it’s chomping at someone’s body for whatever entertainment that may bring your way.


Features include aluminum hubs, 9mm GRP tube frame, PU-coated polyester canopy, nylon-reinforced PVC groundsheet, high-tenacity pegs, adjustable ventilation ports, curtained PVC windows, and a backdoor, in case you need to step out but want to keep the clamshell opening shut. Each one can sleep up to three people.


The catch? The Mollusc Nano is expensive as heck. A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to fund it, with pledges to get a full tent starting at £1,750.

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