MoModul Creates Unique Modular Cabinets

We’ve seen plenty of modular cabinets and storage systems before, such as Muunto’s wall-mounted units and the Quirky Crate.  The MoModul joins that list, bringing a very contemporary style that makes it ideal for many modern interiors.

Designed by Belgium-based Xavier Coenen, the system can be used to design unique-looking cabinets and shelves, with geometric patterns that shake up the traditional boxy dimensions of freestanding storage furniture.  Just connect the individual modules together to form your desired configurations and you’ve got yourself a sweet-looking rig — no nails, no screws and no tools necessary.

The MoModul uses three different types of modules: Momo #1 (800 x 200 x 400 mm, l x w x h), MoMo #2 (400 x 400 x 400 mm), and MoMo #3 (1000 x 400 x 400 mm).  Each one comes with slits that let you connect the modules to one another, allowing you to build complex systems of shelves without so much as lifting a hammer.  Plus, the lack of screws, nails or glue means you can quickly take the thing apart when you get bored and assemble them into something new.  Construction is all birch plywood.

Because you can make the finished furniture as tall or wide as you want, this makes an ideal solution for a whole host of home fixtures, from coffee tables to media cabinets to bookshelves.  Basically, that display shelf can turn into a side table when you decide to get rid of those Star Wars collectibles you have there and that media cabinet can be reassembled into a filing shelf for your workstation.

Xavier sells the MoModul himself.  You can buy both individual modules (starts at €150) or sets (starts at €1,060), with instructions for ordering available at his website.

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