Monbento Soup Bowl Lets You Brown Bag Soups And Stews Without Hassle

If you like packing your wife’s stew for lunch at work, you’ve probably figured out a way to bag it without suffering through disastrous leaks and similar messes.  Like keeping it in a travel bottle or hacking a tupperware container into a portable lunch box or something similar.  Well, you can stop using those makeshift solutions with the Monbento Soup Bowl, a specialty travel container for brown bagging liquid food items.

Styled like a regular soup bowl, it not only makes packing soups and stews easy, but lets you enjoy them the way you would using regular dishware at home.  It even comes with a soup spoon that snaps onto the lid, so you don’t need any additional utensils to consume your clam chowder, beef stew, or bean chili on the go.

The Monbento Soup Bowl measures 7 x 5.5 x 3.75 inches, with the capacity to hold an entire pint of broth.  A screw-on lid enables the airtight, spill-proof seal, with a silicone vent ensuring it won’t drip while you eat.  It comes with double wall insulation that can keep the food hot for up to two hours, apart from playing nice with microwaves so you can reheat if the soup gets a little too cold to your liking.  An elastic band sized to wear along the bowl from top to bottom can serve as a carrying handle.

Available now, the Monbento Soup Bowl retails for $29.

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