Mondo’s He-Man Action Figure Gets 30 Points Of Articulation, Six Weapons, And Even A Skeletor Head


With a She-Ra reboot on the way later this year, it’s a good time as any to revisit the Masters of the Universe franchise. And while a She-Ra action figure would have been more appropriate (considering it’s her show that’s coming back), we definitely don’t mind getting a Mondo Masters of the Universe He-Man action figure instead.

That’s right, the most powerful man in the universe is getting Mondo’s stylized action figure treatment, which blends the show’s animated style with slightly more realistic elements. The result is an action figure with more realistic dimensions than the original cartoon, all while retaining the familiar elements found in Prince Adam’s alter-ego.


The Mondo Masters of the Universe He-Man is a 12-inch action figure (that’s right, it’s big), so you can have it beat up on your smaller six-inch figures like a giant stomping mere puny mortals. It comes with two interchangeable heads – one in Mondo’s more realistic style and another with the cartoon look from the original series. You get He-Man’s complete outfit, too, from the body harness and the armbands to the belt and the accompanying man-skirt reminiscent of Conan the Barbarian’s lower-body garment. The entire outfit, other than the shoes, is removable, too, so you can strip He-Man naked and dress him up in another set of threads.

According to Mondo, it comes with over 30 points of articulation, allowing you to pose this in a heck of a lot of ways. Seriously, we’re loving the poses they made with the figure in the product photos, since you can make it do everything from taking a knee and looking over his shoulder to fighting like a gladiator and pile driving a Brock Lesnar action figure.


The Mondo Masters of the Universe He-Man action figure comes with multiple weapons, including a large broadsword with a sheath, a smaller sword, a battle axe, two blasters (a pistol and a rifle), and a round shield that’s large enough to cover his entire torso. The shield can be worn on either arm, so you can make He-Man a lefty if you’re feeling like it, with three sets of interchangeable hands for executing different actions. Of course, one of those sets are hands posed to grip one weapon each, so you can arm it with two weapons at a time. Want him holding a broadsword in one hand and a battle axe on the other? That works. How about a blaster on each hand? Yep, that works, too. It also included a mini-figure of a burbie that’s mounted on a clear stand.


There’s a limited version of the action figure, by the way, that’s just $5 pricier which includes a compatible Skeletor head, so you can make He-Man look like his nemesis for whatever joy that brings your way. And yes, Mondo is preparing a matching Skeletor action figure, too, so you can skip the limited edition and just wait for that one to drop.

The Mondo Masters of the Universe He-Man is priced at $160.

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