MoneyMaker DSLR Harness Can Hold Upto 3 Cameras

If you’ve ever shopped for a way to carry your DSLR comfortably, you’ve probably come across camera holsters before.  The MoneyMaker Multi-Camera Harness does them better by letting you head out with three cameras within easy access.

Made by Hold Fast Gear, the wearable camera accessory is styled straight out of the weapon harnesses worn by private detectives from movies and comic books of old.  Except instead of having gun holsters, the harness features hooks and rings for holding your image and video shooting gear.

The MoneyMaker features dual shoulder belts with a “speed clutch” (a ring with a harness and a safety hook for holding your camera) running along each one’s length.  That way, you can quickly slide the two cameras up when you need to snap a shot, all while keeping both of them close so your expensive equipment doesn’t hang too low the way they will with most other harnesses in the market.  Because the cameras are designed to hang at waist level, you can use a camera leash to hook each one to a belt loop, keeping them from swinging around while you go about your day.  Two D-rings right below the shoulder allow you to add a third camera using a pair of camera leashes.

The harness comes in two sizes, regular and large, with the latter recommended for anyone who wears extra large clothing.   It’s made from top grain leather in two finishes,  brown and natural.  You can hit the link below to order.  Price is $175.