Capuchin Bicycle Combines Scooter Comfort With Mountain Bike Performance


It’s not the bicycle you ride when you want to hit the streets at a high pace. Neither is it the bike you ride when you don’t want to draw attention. Instead, the Monkey Faction Capuchin is the bike you take when you want an easy and comfortable ride that absolutely stands out.

Borrowing design elements from other popular two-wheeled steeds, the bike combines a scooter-like posture with the toughness and smooth riding qualities of a mountain bike, turning out a ride that should be an absolute blast to ride around the city. With the mountain bike elements, the darn thing can handle most anything the city throws its way, allowing you to ride not just on paved roads, but along dirt, sand, and even snow.


The Monkey Faction Capuchin uses a step-thru frame to make it easy to get on and off, with a modified scooter saddle and forward-mounted pedals to promote an upright riding posture. Wide grippy tires, disc brakes and a coil-spring suspension fork provide the mountain bike-like performance, ensuring it pedals smoothly and comfortably no matter the condition of the city roads you’re riding in.


Features include 20×4-inch tires, trigger-style shifters, a Shimano drivetrain, and a built-in mounts and wire guides for use with an electric motor kit.  It comes in two sizes:  S/M for riders 5’4’’ below and L/XL for riders 5’5’’ to 6’3’’.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Monkey Faction Capuchin. You can reserve a unit starting at $379.

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