Monkii Bars: An Even More Portable Suspension Trainer

Suspension trainers are great for home workouts.  Just find a sturdy place to hang the bands and you’ve got yourself enough equipment for hundreds of exercises.  It’s also plenty portable — just throw your trainers in a backpack, find a place to hang them wherever you are, and your workout’s good to go.  The Monkii Bars improve on the current crop of suspension trainers by improving portability, fitting everything on a pair of 7.5-inch long cylinders that can fit inside one of the outer pouches in your bag.

Instead of thick trucker straps attached to large handles, the system uses spectra fiber for the suspension line.  Yep, that’s the material they use for rock climbing, so you can bet the entire thing will hold up to the wear and tear of your most hardcore workouts, despite the strap’s thin dimensions.

The Monkii Bars’ two cylinders themselves serve as the handles for the suspension trainer, with the line squared away inside their hollow compartments when the equipment isn’t in use.  When you’re ready to exercise, pop the caps on the ends of the cylinders open, pull out the suspension lines, and attach both lines to your mounting fixture of choice.  From there, simply adjust the loop depending on what exercise you’re doing.

The cylinders are constructed with an aerospace-grade aluminum core, so they should be as tough as the lines they’re tethered to.  Outside, they come finished with a comfortable maple grip.  The best part?  The entire thing looks like nunchucks with an extra long cord connecting the handles, so you can feel like a ninja while doing suspended squats and lat pulls in the park.

Currently, Monkii Bars is raising funds for a production run from Kickstarter.  Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $98.

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