Mono Hanging Bowls Make For Unique Home Displays

Glass bowls make for great display containers, whether you’re housing a little goldfish, cute bonsai sculptures, or colorful marbles inside them.  Want to make them more eyecatching, though?  Skip placing your bowls in a shelf and use one of these Mono Hanging Bowls instead.

Instead of holding your bowls in a shelf or a tabletop, these fixtures suspend your bowls in a hanging shelf of sorts, making for an extremely unique display piece.  That way, you can admire your fishbowls, succulents and whatever else you put in glass bowls in a whole new way.

Mono comes in three configurations: Duo, Trio, and Quartet, with slots for two, three and four glass bowls respectively.  The glass bowls are sized and shaped to hang on the shelves by the area close to the mouth, so the bowls look like they’re going to slip and crash to the floor at any time.   It uses a stainless steel shelf that’s suspended to the ceiling (or some other tall object) using four steel ropes that measure 5 meters long each.

Granted, these don’t look like the best storage/display items for homes with rowdy children or childish roommates.  I just keep imagining someone filling the bowl up with gumballs and playting pinata.  On second thought, that’s probably what I’ll end up doing some drunken night while listening to some sad song, thinking about choices I regret, and bawling my eyes out, so yeah, this is definitely not a good idea.

The Mono Hanging Bowls are available now, with prices starting at €102.

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