Monolith Upgrades The Motorized Skateboard Into A Sleeker, Lighter, More Efficient Transport Machine


While both practical and efficient, the current generation of motorized skateboards all have one glaring flaw: the integrated drivetrain and batteries leave them too heavy for their own good, making them cumbersome to either push with your feet or carry on a backpack.   The Monolith Skateboard changes that.

Unlike other electric skateboards, it ditches the bulky belt-driven motor assembly, freeing up the space beneath the deck and shaving a whole lot of weight. Not only does this leave it indistinguishable from a regular skateboard, it makes the entire thing easier to ride and carry, as well.


Made by Inboard Sports, the Monolith achieves the streamlined and lightweight design by using in-wheel motors and battery packs plugged into the deck.   Each of the rear wheels get a motor each, allowing the board to push out at speeds of up to 24 mph (electronically-adjustable within the accompanying app). Like other motorized boards, range is pretty limited at just 10 miles on a 90 minute charge, although the Monolith comes with swappable battery packs that allow you to simply plug in a fresh one as soon as the juice runs out.   There’s even regenerative braking to help extend battery life further, with the ride operation managed through a handheld remote (alternatively, you can also use the mobile app).


Features include a composite unibody deck with a stiff flex, water-resistant construction, 250-pound maximum rider weight, Bluetooth LE connectivity, and 79mm wheels. It measures 37 x 10 inches (l x w) and weighs a very manageable 12 pounds.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Monolith. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $1,199.

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