Monopoly Prizm: NBA 2nd Edition Combines the Classic Board Game with NBA Trading Cards

It doesn’t matter what your hobbies and interests are, chances are, there’s a Monopoly game designed to quell whatever you’re craving. If you like pizza, for instance, there’s an actual Monopoly Pizza Game. There’s a Monopoly game for Scrabble fans, a Monopoly game for people with too much time to kill, and even a Monopoly game for dirty, dirty cheaters. The Monopoly Prizm: NBA Edition Board Game, on the other hand, is designed for all the hoops fans in the room.

The follow-up to last year’s NBA-themed Monopoly game, the board game combines classic Monopoly rules with trading cards for a basketball-themed gameplay designed to stoke the GM aspirations of NBA fans around the world. That means, you get to trade players, penalize opponents, and pit NBA stars against each other for various awards and challenges, among a whole host of other things.

The Monopoly Prizm: NBA 2nd Edition Board Game replaces the usual property squares with individual NBA games, allowing you to own games and collect points from anyone who drops in. Naturally, the more games you own, the more points you can collect, much like owning properties in traditional Monopoly. Along with the game board, each set gets four basketball tokens, 16 Panini NBA trading cards (all active players in the 2023-24 season), 16 NBA game cards, eight NBA Award cards, 12 Playmaker cards, and a few other accessory items.

Most interesting here is the 16 NBA trading cards, which should be random, since they consist of an eight-card Starter pack and two four-card Prizm packs. Each player drafts four cards at the start of the game, complete with the option to trade players whenever someone ends up on one of the Trade squares. There are also playmaker squares and All-Star contests that let you pit your NBA player cards against other players, using ratings and stats on the back of the cards wisely to beat out everyone else around the game board during head-to-heads. Winner of those matchups earn more points.

The Monopoly Prizm: NBA 2nd Edition Board Game is decided by whoever has the most points at the end, which, we guess, is more fitting than Monopoly money for an NBA-themed board game. The game is designed for two to four players, by the way, making it a fun addition to family game night or when hanging out with fellow NBA-diehard friends. In case you’re not a fan of longer Monopoly games, by the way, you shouldn’t worry, since this basketball averages out at 15 minutes per game, so you can probably finish out a round while waiting for the halftime break to finish.

Since this, basically, combines Monopoly with a trading card game, you can also supplement the included 16 cards with more cards, in case you’re into collecting those. Just pick up Monopoly Prizm: 2023-24 NBA Trading Cards booster boxes to expand your player roster and cross your fingers you get one of the superstars in your pile.

The Monopoly Prizm: NBA 2nd Edition Board Game is available now, priced at $39.99.

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