Monster Vision Max 3D Glasses Works With Any 3D TV

If you’ve been following 3D news, you’ll know that 3D glasses from one manufacturer won’t work with TVs from another, making the whole experience more proprietary than most people investing in home equipment will be comfortable with.  Monster Cable might change all that with their Monster Vision Max 3D glasses, which claims to be the world’s “first and only universal wireless 3D eyewear shutter system.”

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as walking down to your friend’s house with glasses in tow.  Rather, Monster’s “universal compatibility” solution requires you to install a base station on any 3D TV you plan to watch on in order for it to work.

The Monster Vision Max 3D is clad in an all-black, lightweight design that’s admittedly pretty stylish for a pair of 3D specs.  It comes with an onboard USB port, which can be used to both recharge the integrated  batteries, as well as pipe firmware updates (they’re promising to keep it in stead with coming future standards) into the glasses itself.

According to the press release, the base station performs all the necessary syncing to convert the 3D timing, which then transmits it to the accompanying glasses.  A pair of glasses can be wirelessly tethered to a specific base station even with other Monster 3D transmitters around.

Sure, it’s far from an ideal solution.  For now, though, it’s the best we’ve got available, until TV manufacturers decide on an actual standard everyone can embrace.    The Monster Vision Max 3D can be bought with the base station and glasses for $250; extra glasses cost $180.

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