Mood Light Bulbs Project Crazy Images On Your Wall

Granted, you’ll probably drive yourself crazy if you use these as permanent bedroom lighting.   For those special moments when you’re tripping though, you can use these Mood Light Bulbs to project a colorful light mural across your wall. They probably would be the perfect accessory to go along with your color changing mood cube too.

Made by Felicia Renaud, the effect is created by colorful designs hand-painted across the bulb’s glass.  Set near a wall, the bulb beams the color right onto the blank surface, creating some seriously trippy imagery that can give your room some much-needed personality.

The Mood Light Bulbs use standard 4-inch long, 3-inch diameter 25-watt bulbs, designed to fit into common household sockets.  Suggested use appears to be to place it on a standing socket by a wall (creating a decorative but non-permanent piece for the room) and in a lampshade (the design is reflected only in the shade) .  We’re not sure how well it would work in a well-lit room, but the effect looks marvelous in the dark (at least, judging from those pictures).

To manage the effect, Felicia uses a heat resistant and non-toxic glaze to create the designs, which currently consists of clouds, rainbows and flames.  Since the bulbs themselves look pretty fine even without being lit, she suggests using them as tree ornaments after the filter expires.  The bulbs have an expected life of 2,500 hours.

Each Mood Light Bulb currently retails for $18.  What I’d really like to know, though, is what kind of paint she’s using, since this thing should be multiple times more fun if you can decorate your own bulbs.

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