Moody Aquarium Bathroom Sink Doubles As A Fish Tank

You love staring at groups of fish swimming regardless of what you’re doing.  It relaxes you.  That’s why you have an aquarium coffee table in the living room, an aquarium in the workdesk, and even an aquarium hanging in the bedroom.  If only you can have an aquarium to stare at while shaving in the bathroom, life will be complete.  Now you can with the Moody Aquarium Sink, a bathroom sink that doubles as a fish tank.

Shaped and styled like a normal sink, it functions just like the one in your bathroom right under the mirror.   You can wash your hands in it after wiping, brush your teeth, and place your supplies along the counter just like any ordinary sink, except the entire thing is made from see-through glass.

The Moody Aquarium Sink comes with a decorative stand that’s finished in either chrome or wenge wood.  The glass top is removable, so you can decorate the aquarium or put new fish in without any trouble.  For feeding, it has two built-in openings on the counter edges so you don’t need to lift the lid.  Everything is thrown in, including water pump, filtration system, oxygenation and soft lighting, so all you really need to do is get some sand, plants and fish into the thing.  The best part?  You don’t need to bring the tank into the bathroom for cleaning since it’s already there — a lot less heavy lifting on your part.  It measures 34 x 29.5 x 23.5 inches.

Opulent Items has the Moody Aquarium Sink available now, priced at $4,500.

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