Moon Ring Is The Vilest/Greatest Engagement Ring Prank Ever



Want to break up with a girl, not sure how to make it happen? Here’s a foolproof plan: buy the Moon Ring, ask her out to dinner at a fancy place, bring out the Moon Ring, drop down to one knee, and open the Moon Ring. Then, laugh. Boom, you’re single again.

Why? Because while the Moon Ring looks like an engagement ring box, it doesn’t actually hold an actual ring. Instead, nestled inside the box is a sculpted figure of a man with his derriere out. We’re not sure if he’s twerking, just getting some air, or planning to launch fireworks out of his butt like they did in Jackass back in the day. Either way, it’s not a pretty sight.

More than mooning whoever is unlucky enough to be opening the Moon Box, it also comes with integrated speakers that let out farting sounds as soon as the box is opened. So, yeah, it’s the greatest bait-and-switch relationship-ender ever created. We’re also 100 percent sure it’s going to be a huge hit during April Fool’s day, at children’s parties, and in any place where drunk people who laugh at the lamest jokes congregate.

Do note, using this to break up with a partner can lead to unintended consequences like hurt feelings, friends turning against you, and possible homicide (I mean, I’d probably kill you), so use at your own discretion. For well-intentioned pranks, though, this thing should make for a good, long laugh.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to collect preorders for the Moon Ring. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $10.

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