Moov Now Fitness Band Can Track Proper Form During Workouts


Like other fitness bands in the market, the Moov Now can track various fitness metrics, including distance covered, calories burned, and even sleep cycles. Unlike them, it’s able to do much more by tracking your complete movement in a three-dimensional space, allowing it to function much more than a glorified pedometer.

With its unique ability to track motion (which it does using a sensor array consisting of an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer), the device isn’t just able to record your movement, but evaluate it, as well. Paired with the accompanying app, it can analyze your movements to track for proper form, then provide you with actionable insights in real time. During runs, for instance, it can tell you to soften your landing or lengthen your strides (via voice audio), essentially acting like a full-time personal trainer.


Moov Now consists of an arm band with a detachable set of electronics, all housed inside a case that resembles the shape of a small (well, very small), round watch. You can strap it to your wrist, arm, or ankle, depending on what workouts you’re doing, with support for five sports (running, cycling, walking, swimming, and cardio-boxing). Beyond those five, it also tracks sleep and some gym-style exercises (limited, but still way better than what other fitness trackers can do). Hate charging? Then, you’ll love the fact that it runs on regular coin batteries, which can last it a full six months of use.


Now available for preorder with a third quarter ship date, Moov Now is priced at $59.99.

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