Morf Board: This Modular Deck Can Become A Skateboard, Scooter, Bounce Board, And More


It looks like a regular skateboard – one that kids can ride and perform some basic tricks with. And it is. Except, the Morf Board can also transform into a kick scooter, a balance board, and a bouncing platform, allowing you to use the same deck for different types of play.

Unless regular skateboards, the deck on this board comes with two large holes on either side, making it look like a broken skateboard deck when unassembled. Except, those two large holes are actually there so you can plug them in with any of the compatible accessories that immediately transform the deck into something entirely new.


The holes on the Morf Board are compatible with the outfit’s “lock-and-release” technology, which allow you to simply place a module on the holes and turn it 90 degrees to secure it in place. According to the outfit, the flex trigger locks the module in tightly, so you can skate, scoot, and bounce around without having to worry about anything coming off. The deck itself, by the way, is shorter than a standard skateboard, so this is strictly targeted at younger riders, all while being particularly wide at eight inches to ensure better stability for novices. A cored-out truss pattern on the deck provides a sticky grip, ensuring you can stay right on the board no matter what kind of shoes you’re wearing.

To skate, you plug in a truck-and-wheels module on each of the two holes, immediately turning the deck into a functional skateboard. It uses solid aluminum alloy trucks to ensure it can grind like a regular skateboard, as well as reinforced rails so you can use it for slides without worrying about inflicting heavy damage. Since it’s for kids, it uses larger and softer wheels than regular skateboards (53mm wheels at 92A hardness), which, according to the outfit, should help make it more responsive during rides, along with ABEC-5 bearings for reliable performance.


In scooter mode, you reinforce the Morf Board with a separate set of truck-and-wheels modules, with the one out front sporting a small tube for inserting the included handlebars and the one in the back coming with an inset pressure brake, so kids can make a sudden stop when needed. Adjustable handlebars allow kids to tailor the hold to their exact height, while a rubber grip ensures perfect control in every turn. Equipped with chunky wheels, the outfit claims it delivers “the carve of a skateboard,” complete with an unusual side stance that will provide an entirely fresh experience.


Two ball modules with adjustable foot straps on top allow you to jump around repeatedly while wearing the deck, with optimized air volume allowing kids to grab some serious air with every bounce. The balls, by the way, are made with a proprietary rubber compound that can withstand most any surface both indoors and outdoors. A pair of round discs plug in the holes on the deck while a large roller attaches at the bottom, giving kids a functional balance board where they can challenge themselves to hold out the longest. According to the outfit, the strength of the balance roller and the raised ends of the deck allows kids to teeter on the edge, without sliding off.

The Morf Board is available now, priced at $99.99 with the skateboard and scooter modules included. The other two modules are available separately, priced at $39.99 each.

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