Morgan Aero 8 Adds Improved Aerodynamics And Updated Chassis To Its 60s-Style Curves


We have to hand it to the Morgan Motor Company. In a time when everyone’s making cars that look like aerodynamic beasts straight out of a race track, they’re sticking to their guns and embracing the classic styling that have marked their automobiles for the 100 or so years they’ve been cranking out rides.   Their latest, the Morgan Aero 8, stays squarely in the same lane, pairing vintage styling with advanced technology and modern conveniences.

Described as “the most refined” vehicle the company has produced to date, the two-seater, open-top sports car bears the hallmarks of the outfit’s classic style: long hood, short rear, and unmistakably retro aesthetics. Yes, it still uses wood in the chassis, too (they use kiln-dried ash), although they reserve it for a specific area (just south of the engine and outboard), with the rest cut in aluminum to ensure torsional rigidity and improved suspension performance.


The Morgan Aero 8 is powered by a BMW-sourced 4.8-liter V8, which puts out 367 horsepower, mated to a six-speed gearbox (both manual and automatic are available). While styling remains rooted in 60s open cars, the hand-sculpted aluminum body has received an aerodynamic redesign up front, as well as a clamshell boot that adds a noticeable contrast to the retro design. Under the body panels, more modern touches abound, including an all-new suspension, anti-roll bars, ABS, power steering, cruise control, and airbags, although the cabin retains the retro-looking dashboard, paired with supple leather seats. It will have the largest options list for any Morgan car to date (including a detachable hard top).


No pricing yet, but production for the Morgan Aero 8 will start in the last quarter of the year.


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