Morning Glory Is A LED Lamp That Shrinks And Blooms, Depending On Natural Light

One half lamp and one half artificial flower, the Morning Glory is a clever lighting fixture that changes functions depending on sky conditions.

Designed to hang by the window, it consists of a lovely-looking stick frame with what looks like origami flower in the center. When the sky is bright, it stays in that position, allowing natural light into the room, while dressing up your window all classy. When the skies darken, however, the flower unfolds into a snowflake pattern, revealing a LED lamp sitting in the middle that helps illuminate your room.

The Morning Glory is a graduate thesis project by Wendy Legro, a finishing student at the Netherland’s Design Academy of Eindhoven. Shown in Milan recently, it should be a neat idea for a solar-powered lamp that doesn’t double as an eyesore inside your classy home. My queer eye approves!

While there aren’t details about how it’s built, the Morning Glory actually seems simple enough to do with just basic DIY electronics. Of course, making it that pretty should be more of a challenge since, let’s face it, you’ve got the dexterity of the Incredible Hulk. Follow the link to the Fast Company website to see a time lapse video of the project in action.

[via Fast Company]