Reach Go Power Bank Can Charge Your Laptop As Fast As A Wall Outlet


Not yet convinced about upgrading to a laptop with USB-C? If being able to charge your laptop from a power bank is an important concern, you probably should, so long as you also pick up the new Reach Go, a portable external battery that can charge USB-C laptops at the same pace as plugging into a wall outlet.

Made by MOS, the new power bank can, of course, charge tablets and smartphones at the same rate, too, all while coming in at dimensions that should fit in your pants’ back pocket. Even better, it can charge your laptop at full speed, while charging two other mobile devices at the same time, making for a device that can power all of your on-the-go devices in one swoop.


The Reach Go isn’t just a power bank – it’s also meant to serve as a USB 3 hub, so you can use it to plug in a mouse and a keyboard when working on your port-averse MacBook. It comes with three USB ports (only the middle is USB-C, though), with a generous 15,000 mAh battery sitting under the enclosure. That size of battery, by the way, is enough to recharge the new MacBook up to three times over, with each charging session taking around four hours from drained to full – same as it does when plugged into a wall outlet.

Slated for availability starting October, the MOS Reach Go is priced at $99.

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