Motherboard Chopping Board Lets You Prep Food Like You’re Assembling A PC

If you’ve ever built your own PC, then you’ve messed around with motherboards. They’re, pretty much, the staging area of the whole assembly, after all, holding all the slots where the rest of your PC components plug into. And while you can probably use an old motherboard to chop food items in the kitchen, we have a feeling using this Motherboard Chopping Board will work a lot better.

That’s right, it’s a chopping board that’s clad in the likeness of a motherboard, so you can feel like you’re tinkering with computers while you dice garlic, slice onions, and chop those beef cubes in the kitchen counter. What’s the point? We don’t know, either, but if you’re more comfortable tinkering with a PC than whipping up dinner for the wife and kids, we imagine this will help calm you down while you struggle in the kitchen.

The Motherboard Chopping Board is an erstwhile regular cutting board that’s sturdy and scratch-proof, ensuring it can hold up to heavy use in busy kitchens. Except, you know, it’s printed with the image of a PC motherboard, so you can think about circuits, capacitors, and resistors while working on fish, produce, and a tough cut of beef you can’t quite figure out how to chop. In case that doesn’t sound fun at all, perhaps it can make a great gift for that PC gamer in your life who tinkers with his desktop like a gearhead fiddles with his car.

It measures 12 x 16 inches, so you get plenty of surface for cutting, dicing, and chopping, allowing you to use it for all your food prep needs at home. Construction is 99.1 percent pure toughened glass, by the way, so it should be easy to clean, no matter how messy the food you just prepped on it. Since glass is going to be slippery, by the way, the darn thing comes with anti-slip feet, so it won’t go moving all around your countertop.

While actually designed for the kitchen, the Motherboard Chopping Board can also be used as a pranking tool. Imagine replacing the board on your best friend’s desktop with this thing and watching him go crazy when the PC refuses to power up. He’ll glance at the desktop through those see-through side walls, see no activity, and wonder what’s wrong, pulling his hair and maybe even slamming the desk, wondering what made the PC mess up this way. Things, of course, only get worse from there, as your friend interrogates everyone in the house to figure out which one used his PC last, screaming at the top of his lungs and kicking a few boxes out of the way as he walks angrily back to the desk.

Once back at the desk and calmed down, he will then open the desktop case and inspect the board only to realize it’s not a motherboard at all, at which point you will bust out of the closet, where you’ve been hiding for the last seven hours. “Ha, you’ve been pranked,” you announce proudly before running to the bathroom because you haven’t peed in all of those seven hours. Yeah, you’re bad at pranks.

The Motherboard Chopping Board is available now.