Motifo Magnets Let You Make Pixel Art On Your Fridge


Fridge magnets have been pretty standard refrigerator fodder for decades upon decades now. I guess it’s time it received an update. Motifo’s magnets go beyond the typical fridge door decoration, allowing you to create complete works of pixel art using its individual pieces.

Each box of Motifo mosaic magnets comes with 1,296 one-inch square panels that will readily stick to your frige’s metal shell. They come with different colors, allowing you to fashion a variety of cool-looking pop art pieces.

Six pixel maps containing instructions on how to put together the magnets to create specific cultural icons are included with every set. You can also check out the product’s official website to see dozens of other maps. Available designs include Audrey Hepburn, Barack Obama, Andy Warhol and numerous other well-known personalities. According to the manufacturer, each single boxed set can create all the designs they have posted on the website.

The sets are available in two configurations, either colored or grayscale, called “warm” and “classic” respectively. Each tile is hard-wearing and water-proof, allowing your “art pieces” to serve you well for a long time.

Artistic types can probably dream up dozens of designs putting Motifo’s fridge magnets together. If you have kids in the house, I’m pretty certain this thing will keep them busy for days as well.  Check out how hot those two samples are above and see the rest of the pre-made designs over at Motifo’s site.

[Motifo via Technabob]