Use The Motionize Paddle To Track And Improve Your Kayaking Performance


Do kayakers need performance data the same way cyclists and runners seem to obsess over them? We don’t know. If they do, however, doing so should be easy with the new Motionize Paddle, an activity tracker designed to measure kayaking performance.

Consisting of two sensors, the system is able to accurately assess your in-water performance. Not only will it record your data for later review, it comes with a virtual coaching system that analyzes your performance and provides insightful feedback in real time, helping you make adjustments on the fly. No more waiting for the next session to implement your newfound insights – with this thing, you can make improvements in your form with every stroke.


The Motionize Paddle’s two nine-axis sensors mount separately – a small one straps onto your paddle and a larger one mounts onto the deck of the kayak (it should work for everything from folding kayaks to large fishing kayaks), where it also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker for hearing virtual coaching instructions. Each set also comes with a waterproof smartphone case, which docks onto the speaker/sensor module for visually checking on your stats in real time via an accompanying app. Once set up, the system can record stroke count, distance per stroke, strokes per minute, stroke length, stroke efficiency to heart rate ratio (requires pairing with a heart rate strap), and more.


Both sensors come with separate battery modules, so you’ll have to charge them independently. Everything is waterproof up to depths of 3.2 feet.

Available now, the Motionize Paddle is priced at $499.

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