Moto 2×2 Tarus Motorcycle Can Rip Through Mud, Rocks, And Other Rough Terrain


There’s nothing glamorous about the Moto 2×2 Tarus. Then again, there’s nothing glamorous about where it’s meant to ride either. Designed to rip through muddy, rocky, and erstwhile tough-to-navigate terrain, this little two-wheeled monster is all about off-road fun.

Sporting undersized dimensions similar to the adorable Honda Grom, it looks more like an ultra-cute toy than a vehicle for roughing it up across unnavigable paths. With chunky tires that measure 12 inches wide and 25 inches in diameter, however, this thing can crawl, drag, and push itself across all sorts of terrain that will elicit a surrender from most other two-wheeled rides.


The Moto 2×2 Tarus is powered by a 210cc Honda GX-210 engine, allowing it to ride at speeds of up to 22 mph. Yes, that sounds ridiculously underpowered, but since this is meant to ride along backcountry trails and unpaved jungles, that should be fast enough. To shave weight and keep things simple, the darn thing doesn’t have any suspension, which is why it compensates by using extra-large tires. It’s also light at 186 pounds, allowing the chubby tires to keep it afloat when you’re crossing a body of water (just drag it while you swim).


Features include a two-speed gearbox, utility racks both front and back, and a two-chain drive system that sends power to both wheels at the same time. The best part? The darn thing can be collapsed in just five minutes, allowing you to split up and fit everything in the boot of a car.


Available exclusively in Russia for now, the Moto 2×2 Tarus is priced at $1,700.

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