Moto Stream Bluetooth Adapter Lets You Stream Music To Your Old Speakers From Five Different Devices

Like other Bluetooth audio adapters before it, the Moto Stream hooks up to your speaker system and turns it into a wireless audio rig. Unlike them, it can pair with up to five devices at a time, allowing you to stream music from multiple sources around the house.

Want to play the Spotify playlist you have saved on your phone? Not a problem. How about that old collection of MP3s you hoarded up during the Napster days that’s still stashed on the laptop? Yep, that will work. Want to hijack the speakers and cut short your sister’s endless marathon listening of that The Wanted album you absolutely cannot stand? Yes, please.

The Motorola Moto Stream has a compact form factor clad in the shape of an icosahedron, making for a curious-looking addition to your home audio setup. Measuring just 57 x 60 x 69 mm (h x w x d) and weighing 100 grams, it’s perfectly portable, letting you take it anywhere in and out of the house without any problem. Once plugged in to your pre-wireless era stereo or speakers, it’s immediately ready for use with no additional setup for any device running iOS, Android, or Windows. Simply connect your Bluetooth profile to the adapter either via your device’s settings or by tapping it once (for NFC-equipped gadgets). It comes with five light indicators, a 3.5mm to RCA connector, and a wireless range of up to 300 feet.

Available now, the Motorola Moto Stream retails for $49.99.

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