Motorized Ice Cream Cone Holder Puts And End To Icy Dribbles

Sticking your tongue out to lick ice cream is too much work already. Why should you keep turning it to reach the next melting side, too? Now, you don’t have to with the Motorized Ice Cream Cone Holder, which helps you lap up the frozen desert in an even manner. No more melting ice cream dripping down your fingers ever again!

Ice cream rocks. Icy dribbles not so much. This thing lets you have one without the other by constantly sending your cone in a gentle spinning motion, so each side of the sweet treat spends equal time receiving a licking. Mmmmm…perfect.

The Motorized Ice Cream Cone Holder consists of a plastic cone, sized to fit a normal cake cone inside. Push a button at the bottom and the internal mechanism sends the cone spinning counter-clockwise, saving you from the torturous work of having to twist your wrist over and over. After all, moving your arm in such an unnatural manner can potentially lead to injuries. How are you going to eat another ice cream cone when that happens?

Sales page claims it’s dishwasher-safe, so you don’t have to lick any accidental droppings to clean it. Yay. It requires two AA batteries to operate and retails for $12.49.

[Stupid via Red Ferret]