Motorized Monocycle Puts You Inside One Fun Giant Wheel

Given that it’s not street-legal, we’re not sure where you’re supposed to ride this Motorized Monocycle.   Put me on one, though, and I’d gladly pay the ticket just so I can trot around the neighborhood on it.

Sporting a 67-inch outer wheel that does all the rolling on the ground to propel you forward, it’s one awesome-looking recreational ride.   Since you sit inside the wheel, it uses minimal horizontal space, allowing you to use it to squeeze into narrow alleys like its nobody’s business.

Powered by a 31cc, four-stroke engine, the Motorized Monocycle can transport you around town illegally at speeds of up to 25 mph.  Steering is performed by leaning to one side, with brakes available right on the handlebar.  It features cushioned seats, padded footrests and a fiberglass body for durable performance.

The giant-wheeled vehicle can handle riders up to 6’3” tall, provided they weigh between 110 and 275 lbs. (there’s a minimum weight to ensure counterbalance during acceleration and braking).  While it won’t handle bumpy terrain, it can wield its single-wheeled awesomeness over dense flat surfaces like pavement and grass.    It can run up to two hours on just half-a-gallon of fuel.

Sure, cops will likely stop you if they catch you riding the Motorized Monocycle into the supermarket parking lot.  In case that happens, we suggest charming them with your gift of gab, bribing them with mini-donuts or offering to let them play around with your monocycle while you pick up your grocery.  If that last one doesn’t work, tough luck.  It’s available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $13,000.