Motorized Paper Boat Kit: Mobilize Your Naval Forces In The Papercraft Wars

PowerUp’s Paper Plane Kit lets frustrated pilots finally take their origami aircrafts to the skies. But flying machines are only half the fun of papercraft warfare. What about your naval forces? Apparently, PowerUp has got you covered there, too, with their Motorized Paper Boat Kit.

Granted, you can’t use it to steer the boat in navigating the treacherous waters of the bathtub the way you can pilot with their airplane kit. However, you can use it to propel the boat several feet away from shore (and by shore, we mean the end of the bathtub), advancing your naval forces forward against the enemy papercraft army they’re facing in battle.

The Motorized Paper Boat Kit comes with two pieces of waterproof paper with treasure map prints, a flag, a pirate, an anchor, and a wind-up motor. To set up, put the paper boat together, add the accouterments, and attach the motorized propeller to the rear. Of course, you can use, pretty much, any paper or light cardboard lying around at home, provided they won’t crumple up as soon as they get wet. To operate, simply set the boat on water, pull the cord, and send your water vessel running through the treacherous seas. One cord pull will be enough to make the propeller run for up to 10 seconds, which the product page claims is enough to send it end to end across the Ying-Yang Bath Tub.

Thinkgeek has Motorized Paper Boat Kit available, priced at $11.99.

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