StandDesk Brings Affordability To Motorized Standing Desks With A Starting Price Of $399

Standing desks are great.  However, standing on your feet all day just sounds cumbersome.  So, someone invented a height-adjustable version.  However, having to manually change heights multiple times throughout the day just feels cumbersome, as well.  So, someone made a motorized height-adjustable table.  And it’s not cumbersome, at all.  However, they’re expensive, costing north of $1,000, making it a difficult proposition for people looking to outfit their office on a budget.  Well, that could change soon with the StandDesk.

With prices starting at just $399, it is, quite possibly, the most accessible motorized height-adjustable desk ever built.  From what we’ve seen, it’s just as good as anything in the market, too, offering a wide range of elevated and lowered working positions on the fly that you can switch to at the push of a button.

The StandDesk comes in two models: base and deluxe.  The base model has a tabletop measuring 49.5 x 23.5 inches and simple two-button up and down controls, while the deluxe sports a larger 70 x 40 inches and more sophisticated controls (four programmable preset buttons and a display panel).  It can be adjusted to any height between 28 and 45 inches by simply tapping on the desired direction button, then tapping on the same button to stop.

With a weight capacity of 225 pounds, it should be able to handle any conventional workstation setup.  So long as you don’t decide to sleep on the table, you’ll be fine.  Other details include grommets for passing through cables, a hidden cable management tray in the rear, and two tabletop finishes (either laminate or bamboo).

A Kickstarter campaign, already successfully funded, is currently running to fund a production run for StandDesk.

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