Motorola VerveOnes+ Earbuds Are Wireless, Waterproof, And Built For Sport


This year, truly wireless earbuds became a thing. With absolutely no wires to get caught on anything, it makes listening to music while exercising a whole lot more convenient than ever. If you haven’t quite found one you liked enough to replace your favorite running earphones, you might want to check out Motorola’s waterproof VerveOnes+.

A fully-waterproof pair of wireless earbuds, it’s designed to keep out sweat, rain, and even immersion in up to three feet of water. That way, you can enjoy your music while running, cycling, or hiking, regardless of the weather. Heck, you can even keep listening while cleaning up in the shower.


Designed for better convenience, the Motorola VerveOnes+ automatically turn on when you pop them in your ears and turn off when you take them out. It’s only the left earbud that connects to your phone via Bluetooth (the right one piggybacks onto the left), so you can pop just one in like a Bluetooth headset if you want to stay aware of the surroundings. Voice prompts alert you of anything that’s going on, such as when a connection is established or when the battery is low. Like other wireless buds, it comes with a compact tube case for easy portability.

Features include dual mics (on the left bud), pass-through audio (for letting environmental sounds through), six interchangeable tips, and 12 hours of playtime. It’s compatible with both Siri and Google Now, so you can use it to control them with your phone completely out of sight.

Available now, the Motorola VerveOnes+ is priced at $249.99.

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