Rubber Jackets Never Looked As Good As Mountain Khaki’s Rainmaker


Rubber jackets are great to wear in the rain – it stretches, it repels water, and it naturally provides a good amount of warmth. Problem is, we’ve never seen a single rubber jacket that actually looks good. You know, the kind you want to take off the moment you’re out of the rain. That’s why we’re stoked to discover Mountain Khakis’ Rainmaker Jacket.

An all-rubber jacket with a surprisingly stylish cut, the garment boasts a trim yet relaxed fit that blends easily in urban settings, making it suitable for wearing not just not in the rain, but even after you’re out of the downpour. Sure, it looks rubbery, but if you’re looking for the best balance of style and utility in rain jackets, this hits the sweet spot quite nicely.


The Mountain Khakis Rainmaker Jacket is made from a polyester and polyurethane blend that can repel rain, snow, spills, and stain, so you’re fully protected whether from the elements or the spaghetti sauce that an angry girlfriend threw your way.  Sure, mud can cake on the jacket when you’re passing through a trail on a rainy day, but being made from rubber means you can just hose it down to clean. Yep, you don’t even need to wash the darn thing. We don’t know if you don’t have to wash it forever, but it does seem like a possibility (provided it doesn’t stink at some point).

It has welded seams to ensure water has no point of entry, which also keeps it toasty as it helps lock the warmth inside, while the fabric has been woven with a mechanical stretch to ensure you can move freely while keeping the jacket on. Because, you know, you’ll need all that mobility to carry an umbrella while grabbing on to your briefcase and trying not to get wet. Plus, you never know when you need to save a damsel in distress during a downpour. Hey, it could happen.


The Mountain Khakis Rainmaker Jacket has a matte finish to keep the rubbery appearance much more subtle, while having a cut designed to fall at the low hip, which helps with the stylish appearance, although that means more of your legs will be exposed to the rain. But, hey, at least you look good. It has a removable hood when you don’t need to cover your head (or hide your face) with extra fabric, as well as large hand pockets with snap closures.  Seriously, it’s big enough to fit notebooks in there. It has both a Vislon zipper and a snap placket for closure to make sure the darn thing stays airtight while you need the protection.


According to the outfit, they opted for polyurethane instead of vinyl for its more eco-friendly qualities, which includes the natural softness (no need to soften with solvents) and the biodegradability (it won’t end up in landfills for centuries). It comes in two colors: navy and wintergreen.

Want one? The Mountain Khakis Rainmaker Jacket is priced at $139.95.

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